Eurosys Lifetime Achievement Award

The Eurosys Lifetime Achievement Award is given every other year (started in 2015) to a researcher who has made outstanding technical contributions to the field and has shaped computer systems in Europe. There will be a prize of €2,000 which is currently sponsored by Google.


Nominations for the award to be presented in 2017 should be sent by email to the award committee chair, Gernot Heiser (chair),, to arrive no later than 1st March 2017.

If you have questions about the award, the nominating procedure, or a potential candidate’s eligibility, please ask the award committee chair at any time.

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EuroSys Roger Needham PhD Award

Prize donated by Microsoft Research Cambridge

The EuroSys Roger Needham PhD award is an anual prize awarded to a PhD student from a European University whose thesis is regarded to be an exceptional, innovative contribution to knowledge in the systems area. “Systems” is interpreted broadly, and includes operating systems, distributed systems, real-time systems, transactional and database systems, language runtimes, embedded systems, computer networks, systems aspects of programming, systems security, etc. The winner will receive 2000 €, which will be awarded at the EuroSys conference. The prize is donated by Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Nominations for the 2018 award — for students who have defended their PhD thesis after September 1, 2016 — are open. The deadline for nominations is December 1, 2017. By this date the student must have defended the dissertation that will be submitted.

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Eurosys Jochen Liedtke Young Researcher Award

Prize donated by Red Hat

The Eurosys Jochen Liedtke Young Researcher Award will be given annually, starting in 2014, for contributions in the research areas covered by EuroSys. This award is currently supported by Red Hat.

For the current edition, nominations and letters of recommendation should be sent by email to the award committee chair at by March 1, 2018.

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Eurosys Test-of-Time Award

The EuroSys Test-of-Time award is an anual prize awarded to an EuroSys paper, from those published 10 years earlier, that has been considered by the EuroSys Steering Committee and Officers ad the one having most lasting and current impact.

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EuroSys 2018 ToT Award recipients:

2018:  Yoann Padioleau, Julia Lawall, René Rydhof Hansen, Gilles Muller, for their EuroSys'08 paper Documenting and automating collateral evolutions in linux device drivers.