EuroSys Student Travel Prize (ASPLOS 2012)

A primary goal of the EuroSys society is to promote excellence in computer systems education, research and industry in Europe.

EuroSys therefore offers TWO TRAVEL AWARDS for PhD students to attend the ASPLOS 2012 conference. This is the first time that ASPLOS has been held in Europe, and is a great opportunity for EuroSys members with interests that span the systems-languages-architecture boundaries. More details about ASPLOS 2012 are available at

The travel awards will fully fund travel to the conference (up to a preset limit sufficient from most European locations), registration fees and budget accommodation for up to 4 nights, which may involve sharing a room. Other costs, such as meals not already included in the registration fees, will not be reimbursed by EuroSys. Recipients of other ASPLOS student travel funding are eligible, but will only receive top-up funding for expenses not already covered. Previous EuroSys travel prize winners cannot apply.

In return, we will ask travel award recipients to distribute EuroSys fliers or posters at the conference, and to assist the conference organizers in some way (for example, prize winners may be asked to scribe a technical session, or contribute to a conference blog).

The submission deadline is January 9th 2012 and no extension will be given. We aim to notify the winners by January 20th 2012. If you wish to apply please address your application to Gilles Muller ( and include the following:

  • An up-to-date CV.
  • At most 1 paragraph summarising your current research.
  • At most 1 page on which paper you think is the most interesting in past proceedings of the ASPLOS conference and why (some examples from previous prize winners are available online: OSDI 2004OSDI 2004, and NSDI 2007)
  • If you are neither a PhD student at a European institution nor a member of EuroSys: explain why you think EuroSys should fund your trip. (Note that it is not a strict requirement to be a member of EuroSys to apply, and free membership for the following year will be included as part of the grant.)

We also require a short recommendation letter from your PhD advisor sent directly to Gilles Muller ( by the January 9th deadline.

The travel prize is a competitive award with recipients selected by merit rather than need. Selection will be based on (i) the relevance of the ASPLOS conference to the applicant's research, and (ii) the evidence of understanding and engagement with the paper selected from the previous ASPLOS proceedings.

Selection committee:

  • Gilles Muller (chair), LIP6, France
  • Tim Harris, Microsoft Research, Cambridge
  • Christoph Kirsch, Universität Salzburg, Austria

Prior recipients: