EuroSys Roger Needham PhD Award

Prize donated by Microsoft Research Cambridge

The EuroSys Roger Needham PhD award is an annual prize awarded to a PhD student from a European University whose thesis is regarded to be an exceptional, innovative contribution to knowledge in the systems area. “Systems” is interpreted broadly, and includes operating systems, distributed systems, real-time systems, transactional and database systems, language runtimes, embedded systems, computer networks, systems aspects of programming, systems security, etc. The winner will receive 2000 EUR, which will be awarded at the EuroSys conference. The prize is donated by Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Criteria for selection are the overall contribution to systems research in terms of scientific originality, scientific significance, scientific rigor, quality of the presentation, and potential for practical application.

Nominations for the 2023 award — for students who have defended their PhD thesis after September 1, 2021 — are open. The deadline for nominations is December 31, 2022. By this date the student must have defended the dissertation that will be submitted.

Nominations can only be made by a student’s PhD supervisor. A nomination must include:

    • The title and abstract of the dissertation;

    • a copy of the dissertation itself (PDF);

    • a (1 page) recommendation letter from the submitter (PDF);

    • the name of the institution and the date of the defense;

    • a CV of the candidate with publication list.

It may optionally include a PDF file containing supporting publications (mandatory if the dissertation is not written in English)

Nominations should be mailed to the Award Committee Chair, Anil Madhavapeddy, at

Past recipients: