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"Internships are great opportunities for young researchers!!"

Why Get an Internship

Here are a few reasons why internships are a valuable experience.

    • Get exposed to different research topics, visions, and ways of conducting research.

    • Meet other researchers and establish contacts in your research community.

    • Advertise your work.

    • Know what other people are doing; possibly come up with new ideas for your own research.

    • Improve your CV.

    • Many times, write a research paper (in only 3 months!).

    • Go somewhere different for the summer, and get paid for it!

Note that students in American universities are always strongly encouraged by their advisors to have at least one summer internship during the course of a PhD program.

How to Get Accepted

Here's some advice on how to improve your application for an internship.

    • Organize a good CV. The best thing to do is look at CVs of good people you know. Start with your advisor.

    • Write a good statement of purpose.

    • Be aware of cross-Atlantic differences. For instance, CVs in the US often contain information about the research projects that you've worked on.

    • Networking is key. Try to ensure that the people you want to work with know you and know about your research.

    • Earn a good recommendation letter from your advisor. And, if possible, pick an advisor with good international contacts. The better people know you and your advisor, the higher your chances of finding the job you want.

Internship testimonials

Many European students get competitive internship offers both in Europe and outside of it. We have compiled here some of what they had to say. Please let us know of your personal experience.

Intern Testimonial

Jacob Gorm Hansen

"The internship opened my eyes to several open research problems."

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